Do you look into your friends' profiles?

January 12, 2009 10:38pm CST
I normally approved when I am requested. However, there are times when I find the name interesting or peculiar, and I might have a look at their profiles. Other occasions are when I find some questions or responses full of original thinking, both informative in contents and skillful in writing. I would not miss their other writings, which in most cases prove to be equally wonderful. I wonder whether the site ever organizes some sort of award for such mylotters, to encourage well-recognized meaningful participation.
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@mysdianait (65058)
• Italy
13 Jan 09
Yes I do! I find a profile says a lot about a user. I have seen some really interesting profiles where much effort has been taken to add backgrounds and music. Some of my friends alter their profiles often according to their mood and I love being up to date with them. I also visit many profiles of users that are not on my friend list and I come across some interesting discoveries. MyLot user profiles are as useful as the discussions themselves on many occasions and I also bookmark some for future reference.
@cooiky (548)
• China
13 Jan 09
just like you.when there is a request,i will first go to their profile page.i do not know why i do this.maybe just want to check where he/she is from,how many friends he/she has already.but it seems that i nearly do not leave some words on their profile page.
@underdogtoo (9589)
• Philippines
13 Jan 09
I do sometimes but not as a matter of policy. cheers!!