Looking forward as powerful tool

January 12, 2009 11:48pm CST
At this special moment, everybody needs to educate ourselves how to recover the fundamental values and qualities. Among the tools available, looking forward is a powerful one. Given limited time, energy, and potential, we have to make our choice and concentrate on our choice. If you choose looking backward, you are concentrating on what is the problem, what i have done wrong, why i cannot attain the goal... If you choose looking forward, you will be concentrating on how to fix the problem, what are my advantages, what results i must achieve, what to do to attain the goal. The difference in attitude will totally change the balance of your effort, and hence the result. So you might well start for a change at your dinner table. Set out for an optimistic environment for a happy and healthy family: - Anything inspring today? - What have you done better than before? - What makes you feel special? - What has been done in our family most satifies you? These are not yes or no questions, but will stimulate thinking with a looking forward attitude, and hopefully to work wonders for your family and your kids. Your opinion?
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@chel2004 (63)
• Philippines
11 Feb 09
hi there! Problems are part of our existence, as we go on living we should learn how to live with it.With our intellect and optimistic views coupled with our own strategies in coping up every aspect and instances in our life, we easily find solutions to problems that beset us. Looking forward is one of the best strategies every individual may possess in order to attain their goals in life, for with it,it is a way of sparking our desire to learn more and achieve more in our life, thus it will bring prosperity for each and everyone of us.
• China
11 Feb 09
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