Thinking about going on a sugar free diet for a week.

@WebMann (4732)
January 13, 2009 8:01am CST
Since my heart attack I have lost a lot of my strength, have put on weight and seem to drag my sorry butt around everywhere I go. I read that a sugar free diet can make a lot of changes in one's body but I am not sure so I would like your comments please. What can I expect from going on a sugar free diet for a week?
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@newtondak (3950)
• United States
27 Jan 09
I have been on a plan for a little over three weeks now that eliminates refined sugars and flours. I am seeing a change for the better in my energy level as well as an improvement in my allergies, and have lost weight too. If you would like to check out this plan, the website is - the author himself lost a great deal of weight and wrote his book to outline how it did it for others. He makes no money from the sale of his book - it is all donated to charity.
@lifeplayer (1008)
• Malaysia
13 Jan 09
It is good to have sugar free for a week but no one can actually tell you the result since different people might have different effect. Only sugar free actaully is not enough, shall avoid to take some food which not good for your health such as fried food. Try it and you will know the result.