pros & cons of 'pre-paid' minutes

@ClassyCat (1214)
United States
January 13, 2009 8:27am CST
I had wanted a cell phone for a long time, but didn't want the 'monthly fee' for it. Eventually, I learned about the "pre-paid minutes" program, and that was just the thing I needed. I have my program set up, where the company will add $15 worth of minutes every 90 days, and when I have some extra $$$ - I add more minutes. I love it that I have no monthly bill, and my minutes are a set rate of 18 cents per minute, whether it's a local call, or a long distance call (within the USA). Do you have a good program? Tell me about it. Have a great week.
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@Arkie69 (2156)
• United States
13 Jan 09
I had the Singular Go Phone for a couple of years bit I didn't like the $1 a day user fee plus the 10 cents per minute. A friend told me about the Net 10 phone you can get at Wal Mart. It is a straight 10 cents per minute and no user fee. I use about 300 minutes a month so my phone bill is about $30 a month. With the Go Phone it took 300 minutes a month to just pay the user fee. I would buy 500 minute4s and that would give me 200 minutes I could use. That was $50 a month and usually I would have to go back and get another $30 worth of minutes to get through the month. The $80 a month was eating me up. The Net 10 you buy 300 minutes for $30 and they give you the phone. It is a real good phone and works really good in this area. Art