Do You ever have nightmares?

United States
January 13, 2009 9:52am CST
I had a nightmare last night when I was power napping. I dreamed that some teenage kids that did not like my son came in our home shooting. And when we called the police they were across the street looking at us really mean like. After the police left We barracaded our doors and windows and they were coming in. We were hiding under the floor boards and whispering to 911 and when the police got to our home they were shaking hands with the thugs. I do not know how to interpert dreams but that was scared me so bad and I was trying to wake up but I was stuck in the dream. I knew I was dreaming but it waso real I was terrified. I hate when I have dreams like that. We live in a very nice neighborhood, But lately we have people buying new homes over here and they bring their children who wanna gangsters, They been watching videos and movies and wanna mimic the behavior. Which is ridiculous because actual gangmembers in Los Angeles act nothing like you see on tv. These wanna be kids scare more than any real gang memeber. Thank goodness my son's are into video games and computers.
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@snowcat46 (2322)
• United States
13 Jan 09
All the time. I didn't used to, and wish I didn't now. You're worried about the future, and it's taking shape as gangsters because of all the new people and the kid's reenacting movies. My mother-in-law has a houseful of people. All these relatives who lost their jobs, or aren't wanting to work, so they move in with her. She has to feed them, keep them warm, and so on. I dread that happening to me, so I just had a nightmare about living with families in every room of my home. Treating me as nothing more than a slave, using all my things and not replacing, acting like they were doing me a favor by taking over my home. Nightmares suck. I'm still having the shakes about it, and that was 2 days ago.