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January 13, 2009 12:03pm CST
I had my first day of scool yesterday and it was awesome! I was worried about my english class but it's not gonna be that hard. Only five papers. I had orchestra too but they're talking about dropping it. There aren't enough enrollments. That sucks because i have to have 4 semsters of a performing class to graduate. It gonna set me behind!!!grr. today i have music fundamentals and math. i suck at math. lol. two classes down only three more to go. woot woot!
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@jarnold51 (124)
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13 Jan 09
It won't be that hard. Take that from a HS English teacher. Just remember one thing: when you write for your teacher, do not use texting short cuts such as: gonna for going to, 2 for to or too; 4 for for; nite for night; luv for love. I could go on and on. Also, try a chorus class for performing arts. You probably won't have to do an audition and it can be fun. Music fundamentals is easy if you pay attention (I had a major in music). Music is really complex so you have to keep paying attention.
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21 Jan 09
I've always been pretty decent at english. As for my music classes, those won't be a problem. I can already read the music. Orchestra is just a requirement, as is music fundamentals. It's my piano class that is going to be kind of difficult. Thanks.