Money + Conflict + Friend= Disaster

friends - conflicts
January 14, 2009 1:11am CST
I have this a friend, a female friend. We've been friend since the year 2004, and we already experience alot of ups and downs and still remain as friends and this situation happened next, last year i started this bussiness, where i sell different kinds of fragrances, in short cologne and perfumes. Then she told me she would like to buy one but she'll pay it after a month, then i agree because we were close friends, then how many months has past by, still she didn't pay me any amount and when I'm reminding her it seems that it annoys her. What can i do about this...
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• United States
18 Jan 09
As sad as it is money transactions between friends causes problems. I don't lend money to my friends or family due to this. Samething in selling something to a friend or family member. For what ever reason they will take advantage of you quicker than a stranger. She has no right to get irritated with you. You let her take the product in good faith that she would pay you when she said she would. It is not right that she is doing this now. Just learn a lesson from this situation and when you are selling your product treat all customers as that. In business there are no friends or family members. They should pay the same as customers. When you hand them the product they hand you the money. Plain and simple.