I have given more than 100 replies in mylot but yet i not reached payout why???

January 14, 2009 4:08am CST
I am really depressed that i have not reached the pay out yet. Please give me some tips to earn effectively
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@vipinl (802)
• India
15 Jan 09
hii mailtoramesh. i dont think its possible for anyone here to reach his first payout in 100 posts unless you have lot of active refferals. One can earn here for sensible replies and trhe posts started by one which gets lot of replies, stiil then 100 posts for first payout is nearly impossible. hapy myloting
• Philippines
15 Jan 09
mylot paid its constituents every 15th day of the month
@mistissa (1350)
• Netherlands
14 Jan 09
Well it will take more then 100 posts to get payout. And it all depends on how good your posts are. Try to give long answers, and ofcourse good ones. If there is no sense in what you answer then ofcourse you will not get paid for it. And like I said it will take a lot more posts, I think I have over 800 before reaching my first payout. So just take the time to answer and give a good response.
• India
14 Jan 09
• Malaysia
14 Jan 09
It would depend on how much your payout is. If your payout is $10, it will not be enough, unless every discussion you respond to, it is worth 10 cents per piece. It is really hard to get paid 10 cents for one of your response. So in order to get your response paid more, you need it to have quality. you need to have a quality post that is. It's also best if you have more than 5 lines in your response, in order to get more than 1 cent per discussion. As that is the rate that it usually is for responding to a discussion. Don't worry, hang in there.. You will be getting your payout soon.. As long as you post quality response, and post as much as you can.. :) I wish you all the best!! Good luck in this new year!
@jason1308 (1587)
• France
14 Jan 09
You will need to do a lot more than 100 posts to get to payout, but if you set your mind to it and do regular posts which are interesting and in depth, say about 20 to 30 a day, then you will soon find that in about 2 to 3 weeks you will be making large inroads towards being paid. Also to earn some extra, don't forget to put some Tags on your replies, and also rate responses by other members. Don't forget by the way also to respond to others as well. If you have a blog or are part of other social networking sites, then don't forget to promote your referral link, as if you get some active referrals you will then earn a percentage of what they earn as well. Above all, enjoy yourself, and you will soon find that its easy and fun earning money.
@klaudine (3651)
• Indonesia
14 Jan 09
First of all, I believe that no one actually reached the minimum payout from myLot only with 100 replies. And second, we have to review your replies and responses to the other discussions. Did you make the one line post? Did you make lengthy quality post? If you were able to answer this you would know why you haven't reached your minimum payout. I don't think earning in myLot is easy. You should have lots of time to get to the minimum payout because you should be active, answering people's discussion as well as making good one so people would get attracted and answer to your discussion. You would also need to make quality posts, which would be hard to be done if you just make one line answer. I hope this would make you relieved.