what will you do with that tooth

January 14, 2009 5:28pm CST
i asked this to my daughter who is about to lose her second tooth. the first one she wanted to keep. she says i don't know i haven't decided yet. i don't think she's going to give this one up to the tooth fairy either. what did you do with your kids teeth?
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@redhotpogo (4433)
• United States
14 Jan 09
i don't have kids, but my parents use to tell us they kept our teeth. as a kid i thought that was neat, then later i thought it was creepy. now i know they never kept our teeth. probably just threw them away. maybe at one time collecting baby teeth was useful. like making dentures for when you get old.
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@xboxboy (5578)
14 Jan 09
My girl has given every tooth up willingly after we told her about the tooth fairy. i reckon i could save a small fortune if i hire a hitman to takeout the toothfairy! what do you think?
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