What do you think about the death penalty and abortion?

@kylaerin (146)
United States
January 15, 2009 11:45am CST
Me and my boyfriend were having a discussion last night and he thought that what I felt was odd so I am curious to see if anyone else has the same stance as me. I am against abortion. I used to be pro choice but considering that less than 1% of abortions occur due to incest or rape I can not be for it at all in any way. The people getting abortions are simply using abortion as birth control which is 100% wrong! As for the death penalty I am for it. I feel like we waste to much money to house and feed killers and molesters. I can say that if jails were harsher I wouldn't be so for the death penalty but jail isn't a punishment for alot of people. If jails were stone with a room with a blanket and a pillow and you didn't get tv and computers and gyms I would be fine with it but the way jails and prisons are its hard for me to think hmmm I pay taxes so you can get a free hotel basically. I would rather give my money to starving children or people who actually deserve it. That seems harsh and I'm sorry :( but what do you guys think about these topics...anyways my boyfriend is against abortion and teh death penalty and he thinks that its weird that I can be against death for a baby but not for an adult. I told him the difference is one is innocent and one is guilty...what do you think???
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@kezabelle (2980)
16 Jan 09
I think if you spoke individually to each woman who gets an abortion you would realise their reasons are a lot more indepth that just using it as a form of birth control! Theres plenty of reasons why an abortion is needed/wanted just because they werent raped does not mean they shouldnt have a choice over what happens to their body, theres millions of orphans and starving children why bring more into the world when they wont be wanted?
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@britt_200 (1227)
• United States
16 Jan 09
pro-choice all the way!
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• Pakistan
16 Jan 09
Personally im against both of them. i don't think it's up to anyone to decide if someone should live or die. if a person does wrong i don't think he should be killed because of it but ofcourse should be punished, but killing him is just taking it to extreme levels. abortion, i don't really want to get started on that because it upsets me that someone could do such a thing. it's really a gift to be pregnant and have a child although it maybe a struggle for some people. although i believe that if the pregnancy is putting an extra amount of strain on the person's life that both the life of the mother and the child is in danger, than i think that abortion is justifiable.