Do people think what you eat is weird?

United States
January 15, 2009 11:51am CST
I can think of one thing my ex eats that I think is so weird: Icecream, peanut butter and turkish cheese---yuck! He is crazy about his cheese and peanut butter. Me, I just discovered I like crushed peppers on tuna, if someone had offered that to me before I would of looked at them like THEY were weird because I just never saw HOT mixing well with Tuna but I love it. I know thats not that weird now but I used to think so! Sometimes do you look at what some people are eating and think its weird? Im sure people of different countries experience this. I know that my ex's family never use mayo and ketchup which I had to get used to because I couldn't understand how someone could never have ketchup in their fridge for SOMEthing, but now I get it.
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