I hate cold weather!

@stinge (810)
United States
January 15, 2009 3:36pm CST
I am not a fan of cold weather at all. I'm used to it being from Ny, but I don't like it. It's one thing when it's cold, but today it's also windy. I wonder how the hell those crazy football fans sit up in the seats with their shirts off in the winter. Or how about that group of people that we all see on the news that takes that swim in the middle of the winter half naked in Zero degree ice water. Some people have a tolerance for cold weather. I on the other hand get cold very easily. I fee sorry for anyone who's homeless that has to sleep outside on the cold hard street in the winter. Do any if you here hate the cold as much as I do? How many here are able to stand the cold weather? A guy at my job said last night that the old weather doesn't bother him. I don't see how people stand outside in those little leather jackets in this type of weather. I'm the type that has to have on one of those heavy goose down jackets when that winter air hits.
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@youless (112187)
• Guangzhou, China
16 Jan 09
I don't like cold weather, too. I feel very uncomfortable when it's freezing. I have to wear a lot everyday and I don't like going out. My hands and feet are icy cold and I look forward to summer. I love China
@stinge (810)
• United States
16 Jan 09
That's the thing I hate also is having to wear extra clothing. I just brought a nice long peacoat for $100 dollars before christmas. But I don't wana wear it out too fast. I don't want the wool to get all worn out around the collar on the inside. I want to get another heavy coat because most of the ones I have, I still have to put on a zip up sweater underneath. I want justy one heavy coat that I can put on that will keep me warm without having to throw on extra layers of clothing. The thing that makes it bad for me is I work on the loading dock at the post office during the nightshift. I have to stand on the platform and watch ceratin trucks come in with the mail in the freezing cold. So you can imagine how ticked off I get having to stand there all night. They keep the doors open so mail can get loaded off the trucks. And the cold air is just blowing throughout the whole area. Everyine is walkning around with their coats on like they're outside.
@kezabelle (2974)
15 Jan 09
I dont mind the cold BUT I hate the wind I always have to the point it actually stresses me out when I have to walk in it and I get really adgitated I know I should do something about trying to conquer my fear but I never have!
@lily77 (29)
• Estonia
15 Jan 09
Well when it gets cold and stays cold and some snow and sun it is OK. But weather like now freezing melting ice averywhere. This really sucks.
@suzzy3 (8342)
20 Jan 09
I like to wrap up warm and go for a walk.When indoors the heating is on and I like to keep warm,when we went on holiday last easter we took our caravan and set up in a snow blizzard it was freezing cold but really good fun,once I am warm inside the van it is lovely,but cold does not make me miserable if it is dull rainy weather then that sort of weather gets me down when it is gloomy.I cannot stand it when it is too hot ,spring is my favourite season just warming up and autumn cooling down.