My local restaurant has a building in India named after it!!!!!

@xboxboy (5578)
January 15, 2009 3:49pm CST
My local restaurant has a building in India named after it! After years of eating out once a week at my local indian restuarant the taj mahal, the owner told me that they had named a building in india after his restuarant! I did not believe him until i googled it in images and low and behold there is and what a splendid building it is! I raced back all excited to congratulate him and he then sat me down and told me the story. In the 1920's his pakistani grandfather worked as a foreman in the mahal diamond mine during which time he feel in love with taj, the local call girl. His bosses were so happy for him as he was a great foreman that they gave him permission to go into the mines to pick the gold for the wedding ring. Sadly, they got seperated and taj got lost in the laberynth of tunnels and was never found. The grandfather was so broken hearted that he could no longer work there and left for britian where he name his restuarant the taj mahal after his loved one and the place where he had worked and lost his loved one. in 1952 to commemorate the birth of Queen Elizabeth, the owners built this building and in honour of his grandfather they called it after his restuarant. This story would bring a tear to a glass eye. My 7 year old daughter said it was a tomb or 'mausaliam' whatever that is! My daughter can be so cute but as intelligent as a spam sandwich.
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