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January 15, 2009 8:58pm CST
I'm a fifteen year old girl that is 5'3 110 pounds that played football with a couple of female and male friends. It was quite an easy sport. A few days later I heard they were having tryouts for the jv football team and we wanted to tryout. My ex boyfiend found out some how and told me that neither me nor my friends could take it physically or mentally. Of course that made me want to try out even more because people didn't believe in me. I went to the coach and asked him what does trying out consist of and what does being on the team consist of. He said straineous activities not suited for girls. At first he thought it was a joke until me and my friends show him how serious we were. We went home and memorized all the plays. And all the positions on the team. We tried out but didn't make it. At first we thought we weren't all that good even though we practiced harder than some of the boys that made the team did. In the end all of the girls thought that the coach was being sexist. What do you think played a role in us not making the team?
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@tooincome (345)
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16 Jan 09
i don't know how the tryout and practice sessions went, but if you're saying you played as hard as the other boys i don't see why you didn't make it. i wouldn't say the coach is sexist right away. instead try asking him why you didn't make the team to get a better idea why you were cut.