Slow Broadband Connection

broadband - This is the modem Globe provides to their customers, it comes with an aerial outdoor antenna and the modem itself is much like a cellphone because it uses SIM card to be operartional
January 15, 2009 9:35pm CST
It's been three months since we got Globe Broadband plan 995 and frankly we were really frustrated by their poor service. Most of the time almost everyday we didn't have internet connection and if we ever have (once in a blue moon) it's sooo freakin' slowwwwwwww! can't even upload google web page correctly as all we can see are words flushed to the left of the screen with no graphics. I believe we are stuck with it for about 1 year before we can switch ISP. Can we do something about it, to get it disconnected so we can apply for different ISP we couldn't wait for another month without going nuts.
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