"lying" is his habit (read the story)

January 15, 2009 10:16pm CST
i got a friend, and i liked him the way he talked to someone, how he make them laugh. I was with him, i was his good friend since grade three. till then, i heard every jokes he make and he's always using his parents and family as his examples in the jokes he wanted to play. then one night in a party gathering, i heard him tell a joke about his father who burped out loud last night, and when we got home and he's drunk i carried him all the way through manila to cavite, and i asked him in the bus, have i heard you said that your father burped-someting and etcetera? and he nodded then i asked him, how come? i thought he was dead a year ago? then he said, c'mon angel, it was just a white lies. all my jokes are lies. and he told me it was his habit, and that he wanted to stop lying but he cant stop making or seeing people around him happy. i was just confused, was it good telling lies the way he did cause it can make people happy?
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@rainmark (4302)
16 Jan 09
Maybe it's his habit to tell lies but in a joke way. All his intention is to make people laugh around him and just let him do that as long as he is harmless hahaha but im sure deep inside him there's something deep meaning on his heart when remembering the his family with his joke.
@ketybhagat (4125)
• India
16 Jan 09
His lies are all harmless and so long as they bring a smile to others lips and do not create uneasyness or hurt someone, I think it is ok to involve your family into it. People relate to the person telling jokes more if it is somehow related to him, so I guess its ok. No harm done. Cheer up.