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January 15, 2009 10:16pm CST
Most persons think that we are being student only that time when we are going to a school, college or university. But i think we are being a student whole life. We want to learn new things every day. We takes a lesson of our small mistakes and decide do not repeat them in future. Every new day brings new hopes and ambitions. We try to achieve our ambition and goal with a new excitement. So here we learn new things to do do. We learn like a small baby when we are new in our office. We learn that time when we are new in any new field. When we go to a new and unknown city that time i learn about the location and atmosphere and other important things about that city. When we teach our small baby when he/she stars to going school that time i learn how to teach him perfectly. We learn from all things which creates around ourselves daily. So are a student always in our life to learn new things.
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@ramzil (23)
• Indonesia
16 Jan 09
Yes, i agree with you. Continuous improvement have to be made in our life. If it is not, then we are the same like robot. Changing things in our life like good things, bad things, will shape our life and all the new things we learn, will make our life better. No matter and where we are, we will always meet something new and had to be learn