Once Again, The Rock & Roll Hall of Fame is Proven a Farce.

@ParaTed2k (22977)
Sheboygan, Wisconsin
January 15, 2009 11:14pm CST
Once again, the powers that be at the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame prove that they are a better parody of themselves than even Wierd Al Yankovic could write. It seems like every year they outdo themselves in dethrowning Cleveland Ohio as "The Mistake on the Lake". The Hall of Fame is supposed to be about honoring pioneers, creators, producers and performers of the various musical styles that fall under the heading Rock & Roll. Admittedly, it is a loose heading, but like all terms, it does mean something... and there are also things that don't qualify. RUN DMC does NOT! Yes, they had a huge hit with Aerosmith back in the 80s, "Walk This Way" did as much for Rap music as it did to reignite Aerosmith's career. But a lot of artists cross genres at times. Elton John has a few country songs on his set list, but that doesn't make him a country star. Ozzy played a disco song, but I doubt anyone would even want him in a "Disco Hall of Fame". The Boston Philharmonic recorded an album of Jethro Tull tunes, so should we consider them "Heavy Metal"? (if you remember the time Metallica got snubbed for "best Heavy Metal" at the grammies, you'll undestand that joke.) It's time the folks at the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame admit that the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame doesn't exist anymore. All there is is a Museum to Popular Music in Cleveland Ohio. One of the "also ran" cities that campaigned hard to host the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame back in the 80s should take the lead and start a real Rock & Roll Hall of Fame and put Cleveland to the shame they deserve.
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