Cagayan de Oro City had suffered a big calamities..

January 16, 2009 1:36am CST
This past few days, Cagayan de Oro City has experienced a big calamities.. thousands of family has lost it's home because it was damaged by the floods....
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• Philippines
16 Jan 09
it was really a bad news. many were been damaged already. in fact, my company is being affected with that calamity because we have our cagayan de oro branch and it was damaged by the flash flood too. the flood reached the computers already that's why our technical representative will have his emergency flight next week to check on the computers if they were still be able to use it or not. i wish there was something i can do about it also specially on helping the families who were been affected but right now prayer is the only way i can. anyway happy mylotting! i see you're new here, so welcome to mylot!
16 Jan 09
Many of the natural disasters these days are started by man.. But ive also noticed the climate seems very cold compared to normal. Think some of the problems are caused by what is being called global warming? Or due to things going on in CDO?