entry-level inkjet printer or multifunction printer?

@mazdakid (347)
January 16, 2009 3:40am CST
hi all! printers are, for most computer users, important output devices, especially for those who work or who would like a hard copy of something from the PC. and since each computer user has individual needs and preferences, printer makers provide us with various models of printers, especially inkjet printers. each model offers various prices, features, benefits and the likes. if you were given the chance, would you choose an entry-level (or low-end) inkjet printer or a high-end multifunction printer? in my case, since i do not print much (i only print documents, and when i need to print photos, i borrow my bestfriend's photo printer), a low-end inkjet printer is okay with me. how about you guys? thanks and happy mylotting!
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