Yes can we end aggression in Gaza?

January 16, 2009 9:09am CST
I think the situation is much complicated and funny enough even the superpowers have nothing to do to end the conflict. Too many meetings so much fuss but at the end bringing more problems than solutions. The useless United nations security council is just watching as people lose their lives and families without any just cause. Reason,A Few radicals by the name Hamas want to get noticed and at the same time Israel wants to prove to the world that violence can solve problems.I disagree though I am pro Israel. When will Hamas stop firing rockets at Israel? I think they really like violence.I think if they stopped that there would be peace.What do you think?
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• India
16 Jan 09
First please tell me where are the Superpowers? Who are the Superpowers? The days of the Cold war are over. It was a unipolar world, but with recession taking its toll it not very long before US will want to have less and less to do with "controlling" the world. Unless of course the only option left before US to build its economy is by selling arms. I was pro-Israel. But I am sympathetic to their cause, but this is too much. Israel must stop this madness.
• United States
16 Jan 09
I disagree with both sides but with the way Israel is totally obliterating Gaza... I just dont understand. I really hope cooler heads prevail in this conflict.