General Hospital - is the "sweeps" catastrophy Sonny's demise?

@coffeebreak (17815)
United States
January 16, 2009 7:52pm CST
So "is Sonny leaving" issue has come around again....and again.... but with the catastrophy coming up... and the "news" quips of Soap Digest saying "who will die.. Sonny...." and I forget the other two mentioned. Well, I thought the other day and posted on a discussion, that this contamination thing that is starting to happen and many people dying cause of it... my bets are on Sonny "dying" as a result of the contamination... although we all know that he won't really die... it will appear he does and all with think he does... that way the actor can take the time off (or whatever that is allabout) and not kill the character so that they can bring him back at a later date should they want to. Then in watching todays, where they show the ending and then back up to what happened... they show WInifred in the PCPD going through paper work and low and behold she says (on the phone) "we know Sonny was in the hospital..." can't remember the exact words, but it was in effect that they believed Sonny was a casuality of the contamination issue.... I knew that! The perfect way to get Jason out of his current delima of saving Spenilli via turning in Sonny - he won't have to and the story can end.....until next time! What changes do you want the castrophy to bring?
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