Rate your ISP

January 17, 2009 7:39am CST
The ISP i am with at the moment is AOL i have to say they are terriable the customer support is bad enough to make you want to scream down the phone we were on 8mb broadband and were getting 56kbs download speeds! I rate 1/5.
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• Chennai, India
17 Jan 09
I want to rate my ISP 0/5, but I will rate my ISP them 1/5, since their services are very very basic, yet affordable. They have a mail service which is POP enabled, yet can't configure their filters. If a mail isn't SPAM and if it can't escape their default filter it directly goes to SPAM folder. This couldn't be overridden (there is no option to do this) I have to go to their site and look in the SPAM folder. As far as the speed is concerned, sometimes it is superfast and sometimes drops to bottom. I can't give them more than 1/5.
17 Jan 09
Sounds bad when we phoned AOL they said we went on 8mb even thoe we had been paying for it?!
@elisa812 (3031)
• United States
17 Jan 09
We have Verizon wireless internet. I would probably rate ours at a 1/5 also. It seems to be really difficult for us to get a decent connection, even just in our own house. The internet will disconnect randomly right in the middle of things, and it's really difficult to get anything done. It's strange, because we use Verizon for our cell phone service, and it's great! For some reason though, the internet just doesn't seem to work for us. I also think it's really expensive considering it doesn't work very often. We are getting ready to move, so we're trying to just hold out until we get our new place, and then we're planning to switch providers. We've tried talking to Verizon about our problems, but they always act like there's nothing wrong.