Need recomendations for a new dog

United States
January 17, 2009 12:41pm CST
I have always had a dog, since growing up, but my last one, I had the longest (9 years) and I had to put her down. That was about a year ago. I haven't been able to get a new one yet, because I still miss her. But I think I am ready now. I was hoping someone could recommend a breed that is friendly, easy to train, and isn't very violent. I would prefer a larger dog. I have had a rotwiler (or howev3er you spell it), a dachshund, an english mastiff, a beagle, and my last baby was an english setter spaniel. So I'd like to avoid those if I could.
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@dsrtrose (166)
• United States
18 Jan 09
Wow! You have had a nice range of breeds, Check out a new mix breed of labradoodle. Mix of lab and podle, very cool. My dad has one turned into good size dog with a GREAT personality and the smarts of a poodle. I will try to send a pic to u.
@chulce (1539)
• United States
17 Jan 09
A great medium sized dog are the Corgi's they are full of energy and love unconditionally. I currently have one that is almost 4, she is such a funny dog, she keeps me laughing with some of the things she does. She is quick. If you want to get into shape the Corgi's are good for that. They love to walk and look around. They aren't like a lot of the scent dogs that slow up on you and have to smell everything. You have to watch their eating habits a little bit, they can be little gluttens. They are sturdy dogs. They were bred to be cattle dogs in Whales. There are two different breeds. The Cardigan Corgi and then the Pembroke. The Cardigan tend to have long bushy tales where the Pembroke has none, just a stub. You might want to check your area for the rescue leagues they are always looking for people to take on the homeless pure breds. Just an option for you, if you want a specific breed and can't afford some of the high costs that are being charged for certain breeds. If you want a friendly breed but one that is more lazy, it is a large breed dog, just short in stature, take a look at bassett hounds. Mind you they are scent hounds and if they get on an interesting smell while you are out walking they tend to stop and take in all the smell they can and then try to find the smell again. They are a great family dog get along with everyone. They can be vocal once in a while especially if there is a scent of someone untrustworthy around your home. Their rumbling bark tends to scare off individuals. Hope this information helps.
@smacksman (6072)
17 Jan 09
Go for a labrador every time. They make the best pets of all and if you give them love they will repay it in full measure. Easy to train because they love food so much!