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@tessah (6621)
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January 17, 2009 1:33pm CST
on a whim & a double doggie dare a few days ago.. i started another discussion about another thing. id asked for honest impressions, oppinions, insight.. as to what people thought of me.. interpreted about me, etc. now as a whole.. the feedback was pretty damned good really. much better than i had expected honestly, because i do tend to rub people the wrong way and piss everyone off on rare occaisions.. ok.. alot its who i am.. and it really dont upset me.. one of my closest friends here called me an "oppinionated (expletive deleted)" he was being honest with me, and i respected it, even got a giggle out of it. but one, i didnt expect. my husband, who is the one who dragged me onto this site in the first place, and then swiftly disappeared for the most part.. never posts here anymore. he doesnt respond or comment or create.. hes found other things to amuse himself (eve online & wow ftw!) so when he popped up on this discussion, it shocked me. even more so.. what he wrote left me a blithering idiot. see.. we arent the cutsey sweet romantic romeo & juliet sort of couple. never have been. we fight vicious and violent.. we dont honeybabydahlinsugahbutt each other to sickening depths.. and we dont usually put into words what we feel or think about the other, we show it with actions.. just as violently and passionate as we brawl. comin up on ten years now.. and this man still makes me hotter than a june bride sittin bareback on a depot stove, but thats another topic.. since we dont express verbally very much, ive never really known what he really thought of me. knew he loved me sure.. but to this extent, with such power and emotion, i didnt grasp. his words completely knocked me for a loop and reduced me to tears. have you ever had someone you knew cared.. finally come right out and express it with such eloquence that it surprised you? made you sob? infuriated...? tell.. share..
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@ellie333 (21018)
17 Jan 09
Hi Tessa, I have just been in and read what Mal said and boy it got to me as I was reading it. Wow you two are certainly a pair and you both love each other dearly without the slushiness. You can always show him how much you love him later ;), his words not mine LOL. Your are both very blessed to have each other. No I have never had this happen to me. Huggles. Ellie :D
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@Opal26 (17686)
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18 Jan 09
Wow tess! I just read what your wonderful hubby wrote and I feel like I should now be blind! I feel like I should now humbly apologize for having the nerve to read something so eloquent and personal! But, he put it right there in your discussion! It was unbelievably beautiful and sweet and loving! I don't even know him, but I do know that he does love you! And I think that you do belong together and that is so wonderful to have the "perfect" mate~Now before you get all up in my face about the word "perfect" you know what I mean! I wish I could find someone who would complete me like you complete each other! That is all anyone could ever want in this crazy azz world! Someone who they can depend on for making everything the way it should be! I wish I could have that some day before I leave this earth! You my dear friend, are truly lucky to have found this...treasure and cherish it always...both of you~You are lucky to have each other!