The Most Under-rated Low-Tech Invention in my Lifetime is....

January 17, 2009 5:29pm CST
Microwave Popcorn, or at least that's my current vote, since I'm munching on some right now. The internet, mobile phones, laptops, flat-screen TV's - those things don't count because they're highly rated and high-tech. What about the more obscure inventions we frequently use? What thing do you use on a regular basis that was developed in your lifetime, that is not commonly listed as a great modern invention? Why do you rate it highest?
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@cynthiann (18613)
• Jamaica
19 Jan 09
The greatest invention for me is the crock pot or slow cooker. I use it frequently and it is wondeful just to put everything in and have a one pot meal waiting to be eatern. All you have to do to it is poerhaps thicken the gravy. Many years ago, when i was at home full time I laso used it for baking bread or cakes - . I now possess two in different sizes so that I have a choice depending on how many people I am catering for. I would hate to be without my slow cooker. I have been using one for over 30 years.