burning to dvd?

@joniebee (182)
January 17, 2009 5:42pm CST
I'm fairly new to computing so i hope this doesn't seem like an obvious question,Regarding burning dvd's.In order to burn something to a dvd,What is the correct precedure?Do i just put in the disk and begin,Or does the process require me to install software,That will then enable me to burn to a dvd?Thanks for any help.
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@deep257 (56)
• India
19 Jan 09
there is a bogus dvd burning software installed in s windows pc namely windows cd-dvd burning wizard. the best option to go for is NERO. there are many versions available upto NERO 8which is quite userfriendly and stable. apart from cd-dvd burninng you can also edit pictures, music, videos as well as see or hear them. you can also encode your .VOB format video to mp4 which requies much less space and still retain the quality
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18 Jan 09
Its more then likely that you should have the software installed if you are yousing a preintstalled system. If not then you will have software with a new dvd burner or you should beable to find one online. Imgburn is a free program that should help (http://www.imgburn.com/). All you need to do then is use your chosen software to compile your dvd (it should be easy to find instructions for your chosen software online) and you're away. Good luck :)
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@user_786 (1338)
2 Feb 09
Burning basically means copying data from one place to other. There are many burning software available that comes with many features , options , etc. If you want to copy data onto a CD, it can be done without using any software becasue Windows can do it for you. Just copy the data and paste it onto the CD and it will be copied. Windows will guide you throught the process so it isn't really a difficult to burn to a CD from Windows