Is there any blogging website through which i can earn 500$ per month

January 18, 2009 3:07am CST
I am looking for good online blogging work which will profit me 500$ per month. Any guys could help me Kindly reply best details. I will be very kindful to you.
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• United States
18 Jan 09
I don't know if you can actually make 500$ per month but check out the website called Squidoo. I know you can make money from it, and if you are a really good blogger you can earn top rankings in categories in your interests which will increase your chances of making a profit and the more activity you get on yoru page you have a chance also. It's a neat and interesting site, i recomend it :)
• United States
29 Jan 09
As far as I am aware of there are no blogging websites where you can earn $500 or more a month. Working in the world of paid blogging is very competitive - and there are a lot of people hoping to find work. Sites like Problogger are great in helping find a job as a blogger which pay per post. However, most require writing samples, examples of writing in your own blog, and a resume showing your freelancing history. If you are a novice writer, unless you have some amazing writing ability chances are you are going to be told to get some experience freelance writing and blogging first.