Ways to Study..

January 18, 2009 10:55am CST
How do you study? What do you do to remember those points? Well for me, i write them out nicely in a piece of paper. And i just keep reciting and re-writing till it's embedded into my head. The more information there is, the more days i sometimes need. What about you?
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• United States
19 Jan 09
There are several ways to study. My personal favorite is making the information into flash card format, and memorizing it until I get it. However, you can also use your idea, of writing it over and over again. A great way to bump it into your memory is to start applying it to your every-day life. Take chemistry for example. H2O is water, so next time you drink water, you can think of drinking H2O. I still remember back in 8th grade when my geometry teacher made me write things over and over again to remember the content we were given. Tiring, but the key is that it worked. The general idea: many people learn different ways. The key to success in college, and life, is to learn how YOU learn. If you've got photographic memory, stare at the textbook until it's in your head. If you have sound memory, try and project your voice inside your head. Very important when studying: break up your study times. Each session of studying should be no longer than 55 minutes. Why? Because after studying for 2 hours straight, you only remember 30% of what you studied. The brain needs rest, so break up your studying time.
• Canada
18 Jan 09
Indeed. It appears that the best way to study, as in get all the information, is to write it, as many times as you could, on a paper. It's pretty effective. Also, I heard, that when you explain what you learned, to someone else, those information gets stuck in your head. So, I'd say, for me that is, a good way of studying is reading the notes that I took during class and re-write them as much as I want while explaining it to someone else, or just saying it out loud.
@lockheart (1405)
• Philippines
18 Jan 09
I do the same thing. . While doing that, i would listen to songs or any music in my mp4 and then i do my lesson reviews when i am sleepy. . Lol! Kinda weird, but for me its effective. Sometimes, i take some memory enhancer, 1 week before the exam, although they give side effects, it will be ok since it is not serious at all.