@CRIVAS (1818)
January 18, 2009 4:03pm CST
Okay so recently I have tried to start eating healthier in an attempt to loose a few pounds. I find that with all the fatty things the sell now a days, it;s really hard to loose anything. Everytime I go looking for something to snack on I am forced to eat something I know I shouldn't. I finally found something that does do that to me. Crispy Delights by Quaker. At first when I was reading the box I was like Yuck! so what there is a tiny bit of chocolate swirled on these rice cakes, doesn't mean they are going to taste good right? Wrong. They were great and the best thing about them is that they were only 90 calories per bag. So what types of snacks do you eat that are low in fat? Do you think that being low in fat means it tastes grose? What do you do to loose weight?
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• India
19 Jan 09
avoid eating more calories food to shed some pounds, low in calories dose not taste bad, do not avoid green vegetables and fruits, eat healthy food,do not avoid it because if you do so you will feel sick. eating good is not only enough, you must work out too, a good combination of workout and food will definitely lower you weight.
• United States
18 Jan 09
Hay I love healthy food and now most cookie manufactures have made 100 calorie packs of their best sellers(nabisco,keebler,and a few others) and their is this brand of chips at meijer in a blusih purple bag called veggie chips they rock! and there is a another type of chip brand called Veggie Crisps so all in all finding food that is healthy and that taste good isn't impossible it's all in the way you look at it.