How to make money on the internet (Help!)

January 18, 2009 5:00pm CST
So I am interested in making money online, but all I have come across are scam after scam. Does anyone know of legitimate ways of making are large amount of money. I am a university student that is in need of more money, but my schedule is always changing, and therefore I can't have a normal job outside of school. That's why I was interested in making money online, since I can access it anytime, no matter my schedule. So what have you found to be legitimate sites that you can make money from online?
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• United States
30 Jan 09
check out my website there you will find a legitamate way to make money on the internet. if you work at it it may become quite profitable. there is also a free 7 day trial so if you dont like it you can just quit
@cassia82 (70)
27 Jan 09
hey, Dont know what you have joined in the last week but I know its tough totry and find those for realsites! I forone have been ripped off plenty times. But i now have a site (link is on my profile). Not quite finished yet but everything on there is legitimate! I will be putting more up there along with some ideas on how to maximise on starting your own page up..please take a look and hopefully something on there will catch your eye! Hope you do well and please add me if you have any questions so you can hit me up! Good luck and happy mylotting! =)
@mayshella (293)
• Philippines
25 Jan 09
Hi! There's a lot of ways to make money online but it's not a get quick to rich income. On my profile, I have few banner of the sites I'm currently into. You may check it if you want. Always remember that a dollar won't be a dollar if there's no cents so every little penny counts.
24 Jan 09
why not take a look at the discussion i started called startyourprofitstoday its about a site i came across by chance its really interesting
@carrine (2748)
• Philippines
18 Jan 09
yah a lot but it depends on you how are you going to work with it.. try to visit my site.. i have some tips and ways how to earn online.. good luck and more power !