How do you think the world will end

United States
January 18, 2009 5:49pm CST
They say in 2012 the world is suppose do believe this? How do you think the world will end.
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• Denmark
9 Feb 11
I don't know, but if it will end in 2012 I think the great super volcano in Yellowstone Park will be the reason. It will start to errupt and cause an atomic winther.
@mantis36 (4219)
• Philippines
21 May 11
and if ever it will erupt, it could never reach here in the Philippines.... so, i don't need to worry, it is not a guarantee reasons for the world (earth) to end....
@nicanorr (1789)
• Philippines
15 Feb 13
The world will never end. Those who think amd prophesy it will are lazy people but forgive me for saying the truth.
@KrauseHome (36521)
• United States
19 Jan 09
Personally I feel no one really knows the time nor hour that the world will really end. In the Book of Revelations it lines up everything that will happen until then, and even when you are seeing some of the things that are lining up we really never will know when the last day will be. That is why I feel it is important for me as a Christian to stay ready and Trust and believe God no matter what seems to happen for me in my life from here.
@chriswolf (360)
• China
19 Jan 09
2012? The world will end? Are you serous? It is impossible that the world will end. This prediction is ridiculous. Nevertheless, the world will end one day, I hope it will make things quick. So quick that we won't even be aware of that.