Which language do you want to learn most?

@rrobinv (150)
Hong Kong
January 18, 2009 7:56pm CST
I have learnt some basic simple sentence in japanese when I was child and it was the language I want to learn most too. The reason is I want to travel in Japan and I like japanese food very much. I also like to play TV game and watch anime. However, all of them is in japanese. I cannot understand it. How about you? Which lanuguage do you want to learn most? Why you want to learn it? Let's share your opinion. HaPpY MyLoTtInG!
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@gjabaigar (2200)
• Philippines
19 Jan 09
^_^ Howdy!.... rrobinv!.... I love and one of my greatest wanted is to learn different languages.... But they are many, I'll learn them by just one at a time. But till now I haven't started them yet.... LOL.... So, I wish I could do it now. First. I want to learn Mandarin because my girlfriend is a Chinese who spoke the language of Mandarin. I learn a little Mandarin from my girlfriend. Then. Nihongo. So, I can understand those manga and anime stuffs. And also Korean language or the Hangul. And the rest are Latin, Spanish and French. I want to learn not only different language and also their cultures. ^_^
• China
19 Jan 09
Well,i would like to learn French and Japanese also.Cause i am dreaming of travelling in Paris and Hokkaido. When i was in senior high school, i used to watch Japanese soap opera and Japanese cartoons,and i was impressed deeply.Then i went into colleage and watched more and more foreign films and tv-series,i like Paris also.Actually,there is many language i want to learn and many countries/cities i want to visit,but i should not be so greedy.
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@sanuanu (11235)
• India
19 Jan 09
I want to learn the spanish language because most of the English movies use this language. I am playing a game Resident Evil 4 which uses this language a lot.
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