potty training!!

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January 19, 2009 12:39pm CST
How do you do it?!? Is there some secret manual to potty training kids?!? I have two and my oldest at 2 1/2 is just getting started. She'll pee O.K but try and get her to poop in that potty is a daily struggle!! HOW IS IT DONE?!?
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@MrsFrizzle (1964)
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25 Mar 10
I have a lot of experience potty training because I used to work in a 2 year old classroom for several years and I've potty trained a lot of children. My son began potty training at 18 months and now about 5 months later we only wear diapers at bed time with only occasional accidents. The good news is if your child is smart enough to go and hide the fact that they are peeing in their pants then they know they should not be doing it. That is actually a sing they are ready to start potty training. It's really important that you and anyone else who watches your child do the same techniques so he does not get confused. Constancy is VERY important. First you are going to need lots of training underwear and pants. Be Prepared for accidents. Start by explaining to him that he is a big boy now and get him really excited about his big boy underwear. Make a big deal about it. All the adults should make a big deal about their underwear too. It helps him want to be wearing underwear like all the big boys and girls. Tell him that diapers are for babies and he is not a baby anymore. I remind my son of the above often. I always ask him do we Pee pee in our big boy underwear and he says "No Way". Also use the example of other big kids and adults. I always say "You go potty just like Daddy, Daddy never pee's in his big boy underwear" or "soon you will never need diapers like your cousin Jackson He's a big boy". Also it is weird but it does help when he see's that you also use the potty. When you make the commitment to potty training there should be no more diapers or pull ups unless he is sleeping. If we are going out for a while I put a diaper on Jameson but I tell him it is just in case he has an accident not to pee pee in them we will go to the potty when we are out. It's good for them to see that their is a potty every where you go so there is no reason to have accidents. Just be prepared for the accidents. Start by taking him to his potty every 20 minutes. Set a clock. I use a watch that beeps so no matter where we are we hear it. Whenever the clock goes off you can make it fun by singing a song and doing a dance. I sing "Tick tock, tick tock I just heard the potty clock" Then take him to the potty and tell him to push out his poopies and pee pee's. At first he might not know how to make him self go but set him up for success by giving him plenty of liquids. When he goes every 20 minutes he will learn what an empty and a full bladder feels like and so he will know when he has to go in the future. I tell my son if he has to go potty again before the clock goes off he should tell me and we can go early or he should hold it in. You'll defiantly need a potty chart. If he goes pee pee give him on sticker and one M&M. If he goes Poopie give him 2 stickers and 2 M&M's. When he fills the chart give him another reward. We always give him one of my husbands old toys and say it is a big boy toy because he is a big boy now. When he does go potty sing and dance and celebrate it each time. Clap and cheer it is a big accomplishment. Make sure to tell him how proud you are of him. Also have him show off his potty chart to people and make sure they praise it and make a big deal about it. Jameson has to show his daddy as soon as he gets home from work and during the day I say wow I can't wait to show Daddy how many times you went potty. He is going to be sooo proud. That will encourage him to keep up the good work. If he does not go potty that's okay just say good try. Reset the clock and repeat every 20 mins no matter what, even when you are out. One of the Hardest parts for the kids when they potty train is not wanting to stop the fun they are having to go to the potty. Going every 20 mins when the clock dings will teach him that being a big boy means having to stop playing to take care of business. If he has an accident which he will. Don't scold him just say something like "oh no you should have went in the potty". Make him take off his wet pants and underwear. He should do as much of the work as he can. Say if you had gone in the potty we could be playing instead of having to change our pants. The inconvenience and the uncomfortable feeling will help him to realize going potty is much faster then having to have a diaper or pants changed. Sometimes when he does go potty say that was so much faster then having to clean up after an accident. When he is being cleaned up from an accident I always try to say "it would have been so much faster if you had just went potty instead of going in your pants". They say after 7 days they should not be having accidents but having worked with so many different kids that's not true. Some are faster some are slower. It is annoying to have to go to the bathroom every 20 mins but every time he goes to the potty that is one less diaper you have to change. Plus it will help him learn how to release and hold his pee and poo. Once he is having no accidents you can go to every 30 minutes and once he is more comfortable and independent with the potty process you'll be able to just tell him to go try to go potty. He'll be able to do it all by himself sooner then you think. I hope that makes sense. Any questions you can always ask me. It is hard work for everyone involved but it is really great to see how proud they are of being a big boy or girl and using the potty. Good Luck
@rsa101 (32521)
• Philippines
24 Feb 09
You have to act it out to her how it is done. And do not push her to do it if she resist it. Just do it as patiently as you have to. I am pretty sure that eventually she would realize the benefits and comfort of it. Also slowly brainwash her about the disadvantages of pooing in the diaper.
@phoenix25 (1541)
• United States
7 Feb 09
I know how you feel. My son just turned 5 and he still is not all the way potty trained, but that isn't that unusual for boys. It also isn't unusual for kids to have trouble pooping in the potty for a while. They get comfortable doing it in the diaper. All I can suggest is to offer her a prize for pooping in the potty and have some little treats for her when she does go. Eventually, she'll start doing it on a regular basis. Sometimes, they are just stubborn about it, though. Just don't get mad at her and yell at her if she poops in her pants because that can make them try to hold it in and be more likely to have accidents. It really depends on your child. Think about what works when you want your child to do something and then think about how you can incorporate that into her potty training. Hang in there. I know how frustrating it is...believe me. Mine would have been potty trained sooner, but we were moving when he was at the optimal age to start and then he just didn't have any interest in it. He wouldn't even go in the bathroom for the longest time.
@rtslvtwy (1088)
• Malaysia
24 Jan 09
It will be difficult in the beginning and when it becomes and daily thing, then it becomes more of a routine and then a habit. I am afraid there is no manual for potty training or parenting or any of such. Probably you would want to make it fun for them to sit on the potty and poop.
@chulce (1539)
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19 Jan 09
Here is a trick that worked for me when my sons were potty training. I had similar issues. It takes a little bit of time from you, but in the long run it pays off. Your best bet, if you know the signs when she is "concentrating", some children will actually go off on their own to do so, simply pick her up as she is starting to do so, immediately take her in, and let her know that this is a better place where she can go stinkies. LOL. I now funny word, but it seems to work for the little ones. You have to watch the littles a lot to do this, but in the end it will pay off. As the saying goes "patience is a virtue". Good luck.