Do you think that schools should be closed for Martin Luther King Jr Day?

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January 19, 2009 1:29pm CST
I dont. Now dont get all huffy now. My reason is because this man stood for education. Now it makes alot of sense to me to close schools down in honor of a man who firmly believed in equal education for all children regardless of color. If you ask me its a slap in the face to this man. If the day is going to be reserved then why not set aside this day in our schools to discuss his beliefs and views. Why not hold this day to teach about what he was all about instead of shutting schools down. I remember being off from school on this day and to be honest, didnt care one bit except that i had a day off school. I just think that if schools are going to reserve this day for Dr king then it should be reserved inside the school, after all that was what his dream was all about. Or did I miss something? What do you think?
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20 Jan 09
We always got the day off but it wasn't for Martin Luther King day. It was on the calendar as a "Teacher Work Day" or something equally ridiculous. I think that is just as insulting. I mean...If you're going to take the day off to observe the holiday, observe the holiday. Don't take the day off because the government says you have to then call it something else to avoid offending someone. Beyond that, I think kids spend too much time away from school anyway. At least around here, there isn't a month out of the school year they don't have at least one Monday or one Friday off for something or the other. Some months they are lucky to have a five day week at all. It was kind of like that when I was in school but not to the extreme it is now. At least, not that I remember. For one thing, we went to school on Halloween and they don't anymore. I guess because they'd rather focus on Halloween than on school.... DUH They're kids!
19 Jan 09
I do agree with that because he was known about his fight equality and we shouldnt be closing schools all the time because of someones birthday. We have enough problems with kids wanting out of school now we give them more out then in how u expect them to learn an education if they are always out.
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19 Jan 09
I think you're right. I no longer even look at it as a day to remember him, just a day that the kids are home, and they're the same way. Honestly they don't even know who he is. Last weekend my son had a basketball game and we were walking the hallways and one of my 6 year olds saw a poster that had Obama, King jr, and Rosa Parks on it. They pointed out Obama, and pointed to Martin Luther King and said "That's John McCain".