what to spend money on and what not too??

United States
January 19, 2009 6:03pm CST
Ok, there are some things that you just can't get for a lesser quality right? There is some things that I do still buy even if it is full price. There are some good childrens shoes out there that are not a brand but I have been burned with this in the past so I try to find the brand names on sale. Mascara from Lancome is amazing and I just can't find the imitation, I think the eye shadows, blush etc. do just fine but I can't find a good imitation. Purses I don't see a problem with the other versions since it's not like you carry it forever anyways. Bed sheets I have come to the conclusion that the thread count does matter, and the higher the quality the price usually comes with it but Gordmans and TJ Maxx sometimes have good sales. As far as food goes I think the store brand or aldi's sometimes taste exactly the same. I haven't found a good match for the meat though sometimes you just need it from the meat shop. Let me know how you try to budget or if you have found some great deals!
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@chriswolf (360)
• China
20 Jan 09
I guess that money will be spent on Electronic Products most for men, whereas women will spend most of the time on Clothes and Food.
@rberon1985 (5360)
• Philippines
20 Jan 09
Due to recession and crisis happening to us, we should be very careful and very wise in spending our money or else we will be short by budget. just like you, i used to go to some stores which i can save a lot of money. i always wait for the sale. hoping that i can really save money. here in our country, there is a certain place where you can buy clothes, shoes, actually everything for a very low cost. But of course the quality is not that good. but if you really know how to take good care of your things, you can still get to use it for a very long time.It ios very important that we are alwayd aware of store that is having a sale.lol.
@opikoji (154)
• Indonesia
20 Jan 09
I always buy things that have a discount on top of it... LOL... I don't really buy many thing... Just the stuff I really need and use... If I have to buy expensive thing, then I just buy the same thing with other brand... ^^