your professor called you stupid and you call her stupid back.

January 19, 2009 9:22pm CST
students side: though she is a professor, she cant say things that may hurt your feelings, she dont have the right to call you something you dont want. teachers side: professors are professionals now, they can say anything they wanted too.. so you must show some respect because in any angle you're still her student and you are under her. what would be your decision based on this lines? who's right and who's not?
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@rsa101 (35208)
• Philippines
20 Jan 09
For me I guess if the professor wants to be respected he should act like a respectable teacher first before he could earn the respect he wanted to have. In this case I side with the student.
@modstar (9605)
• Philippines
20 Jan 09
I think since their professionals, i guess they must know how to deal with such situation. As professionals they should know how to handle things without the needs for name calling. Give respect to get respect. Now if he/she called you stupid, can you see any form of respect? nope, right? then i guess calling back the professor stupid is ok because he deserves it. It should affect your grades because it's got nothing to do with your academic performance.
@ktosea (2025)
• China
20 Jan 09
well,as far as I am concerned,it's not right for the teacher calling her students stupid,that's not a wise saying.for the student it's not right to call his teacher stupid back either.they all have their own reasons to act like this but neither of them showed enough respect to the other.