Cell Phone Radiation?

United States
January 19, 2009 11:02pm CST
I heard from a friend that using cell phones gives off radiation whether you're making a call or have it in your pocket, because you receive a signal there is supposedly always a risk. My friend has purchased special cases for her phone to protect her from the radiation, which she claims has the potential to create a tumor in your brain the shape of the cell phone, including (if any) the cell phone antenna. I have not heard of this on any news station or seen this in the newspaper so is this real? Should people be worried about this?
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22 Jan 09
If cell phone radiation excisted I would have like 50000 cancers by now. My phone is in my top pocket, trouser pocket, other trouser pocket, rear trouser pocket, coat pocket or my hand and I am always texting/ringing people, infact on just one person in an average day I send 30+ texts. And on the phone I spend 1-3 hours (on one person) so if phone radiation did excist, I wouln't be typing thi message.
@youless (104240)
• Guangzhou, China
20 Jan 09
Actually I have never worried about the cellphone radiation. In fact there are various kinds of radiations in our life, such as the radio, TV, electricity wire, sunlight etc. The cellphone radiation is only one of them. Nobody can live in a place without radiation. So why we have to pay attention to the radiation from the cellphone only? I think it's still safe. I love China