What's your cat's name?

@Lindery (853)
January 20, 2009 2:15am CST
First of all - do you have a cat? I do have it. All my life I remember we had a cat in our family. I used to have lovely girl cat called PUKA (with a long "u" letter), she was 15 years old when she died... Now I am having a boy cat called PELE. When he was a kitten we thought he is she, but it turned out that he is he. Only after giving the name PELE we realized that Pele is ex football player :)
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@sammy009 (259)
• United States
21 Jan 09
Well here is my story on my 4 cats. I can home from work the one day, and my daughter and grandaughter was here. Suprise to me, my grandaughter told me a cat was in my yard and followed her in the house, so she put it in the bathroom, of course food and water and a litter box. Well i asked around if anyone was missing there cat, response was no. I keep the cat and named her buttons. I had her for 4 years and she had a litter of kittens. I keep two of them, named them charlie and sammy. Here goes the best one yet, my husband went shopping the one day came hiome in the middle of winter and said you should see this poor little kitten along the road. Well there i go put my coat on going to see if the kitten was still there, of course it was. I got the kitten wrapped it up in my coat, brought it home, this one name is tigger. She never left the house at all in 5 years, and has no interest for outside. Happy to say all my cats are fixed.
• South Africa
21 Jan 09
I have three: Mishka, Lyske and Beanie. When I named Mishka, a friend of mine groaned. She had a niece by the same name and she said, in her experience, that name tends to belong to individuals who are very pretty, but a little dim. Lyske is nicknamed Murphy, since she is a little like Murphy's law personified. Strange folders appear on the desktop after she's crossed the screen and, once, she managed to delete the TV channel in the middle of a programme Beanie is half white half black, wearing a little black beanie over a mostly white face.
@misspipsi (237)
• Bulgaria
20 Jan 09
I own a cat.Her name is Cherrish Laf(LOVE) which means love saver I think.Long time ago we had a white persian which was named Charra which in Bulgaria means the male form of Charm...I guess.My second cats name was Pippy(Pipsi :P) which might be translated as Touchy.I like my currents cat`s name best because it`s easy to pronounce "Cherry!!!!"Happy MyLotting!Oh..by the way Cherry is 1 year ols,Pippy is 4-5 years old and Charra was stolen :(.
@Krissta (90)
• Canada
20 Jan 09
I have two cats right now, and one is named Cinnamon. She is a patchy kinda cat that is wayyy to over weight. she is about 7 years old but I have only had her for about 3 years. And then I have a stray that I adopted named "Garage Cat". Not the most original name, nor a proper name considering it spends all his time indoors. Garage Cat is about 9 months old, and is orange.
• United States
20 Jan 09
My cats a female. Her name is Sassy, she's about 12 now but still pretty spry. Her brother didn't live as long. His name was Sizzle.