Do you think blood is thicker than water? (Family & Friends)

January 20, 2009 10:28am CST
People say blood is thicker than water, but what happens is there is a serious problem in the family and you only have friends to turn to? what are you views?
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@Splatter (57)
• Australia
21 Jan 09
I think it depends on how well you know your friends and how much you trust them. In certain cases it also depends on the family of your friend. If you have a friend who sees that you have a serious problem and wants to help you, then passes in on to their own parents for advice, you then have to trust not only your friend but their family.. If you have a family who are insane and you can't live there and don't want to live on the street or in an orphanage either, you can't rely on a friends family either... That's from a child point of view. If you're old enough to own your own house or leave home, there is other places you can go to deal with family problems than your friends. If there is serious problems with your family, try to get them help and get away yourself... They will always been your family no matter what. My grandma has mental problems but we all still love her, and although she lives far away from us, we still visit her occasionally. If it was a friend who lived far away, we wouldn't visit them unless we happened to be going through that far away area for some kind of reason.
@kylaerin (146)
• United States
20 Jan 09
I think its circumstantial. your friends could be better for you if your family is the destructive type. in the instance of boyfriends/girlfriends and family I would say if you are close to your family def the family because usually they see something that you don't. As for friends as long as your friends aren't destructive as well your family should get along with them.
@athlon24 (106)
• Philippines
20 Jan 09
For that instance, it is good to have friends. The thing is friends come and go but family will be your family and you cannot change that fact.