Get rich being a jerk???

@Carolyn63 (1403)
United States
January 20, 2009 12:54pm CST
Apparently it works. There is a local junk yard that has actually said he prefers to sell to out of state customers cause then if they have a problem he can tell them, oh well, too bad, so sad, I ain't taking it back and I ain't refunding your money. When my father in law was still in charge around here, he got taken advantage of more than once by these people. The final straw was when he ordered a part, which they in turn had to order. He called the day the part was supposed to be there and they told him to come on down and get it, that they had it. He drove there and it hadn't even been ordered????? Well, a month ago a customer came in needing an ABS brake unit. He assured me that as this was his daughters car he would have the repairs done and would do it as her Christmas present. He mentioned he had already spent a great deal. I had a funny feeling about it but I called the junk yard and told them to send it which would be the next day. They were the only one with the part. I also mentioned my concern about the customer. They assured me that it wouldn't be an issue. Sure enough, the customer didn't show. I called the junk yard and they said they would be out to get the part and return my money. Today, a month later, and yes I have called several times, they tell me they will do it for a 50% restocking fee. I paid $150.00 for the part. I don't think so. They lied to me for a month and now tell me this??? Well, their isn't a lot I can do about it. But I did call the other junk yards and let them know I had the part available if the got any calls. I told them I would take $125.00 for it. I would take a loss, but not a 50% loss. Now, excuse me, but don't you get more customers and better odds of repeat customers if you are honest and fair? I in turn will have to ask that anyone having repairs that can't be done that day because I have to order the parts to pay for the parts up front. I can't lose my rear because people can't be honest. I refuse to be a jerk in order to get rich. Richness isn't just about money.
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