Helium members, will you join the new betaville?

January 20, 2009 2:26pm CST
I have become more active on helium recently and begun to write more articles as well as rating several each day. I am trying to build a passive income from helium and I have noticed the site is trying to improve and help us earn as much as possible. The only thing that bugs me is the high payout, would be much better if it was only $10. Just today I got another email from helium stating that they have started a new aspect called betaville. I am considering signing up for this under one of the zones, or creating my own zone and group. This is supposed to earn you more money at helium, perhaps as you will be in touch with more members and you can view each others articles. What does everyone else think about betaville? Have you joined or are you going too? Do you think it will bring you more earnings?
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• United States
23 Jan 09
I have checked out Betaville a couple of times. It looks interesting and it is cool that Helium is working on improving their site(s). However, it also looks like a lot of work with little gain in my mind. I see two ways that you could make money with it. First is by making more friends with other Helium writers. This can be done in the forum as well, but has just never been my thing. I have a hard time being social on writing sites (I wouldn't count MyLot though). Second, and hopefully better would be the fact that you could create zones that would allow you to group your articles together by topic. This would make it easier for readers to find your articles about a specific topic. That could be good, but there would have to be a significant amount of outside (non-Helium) traffic and that doesn't seem to be the case. So to me it seems like more work then it is actually worth in a financial sense and right now my work needs to be worth money so that we can make ends meet. However, I wish you good luck and suggest that you share your experiences with others here on MyLot.
@paid2write (5202)
21 Jan 09
I have not yet set up any zones, but I intend to do it, when I have time to work out exactly what's involved. I'm not quite sure how it will increase earnings, apart from being another page to promote, and maybe they will get picked up in search engines too. I've been a Helium member for nearly a year now. Before Christmas my articles were earning about 60 cents a day, but now I'm getting more than a dollar each day in revenue. With upfront and marketplace payments on top, my monthly payouts are always well over the minimum amount. My earlier articles did not earn much, but now I write more on higher earning topics, using some good keywords, and I promote them, so my income has increased. I'm sure yours will too. Good luck with the zones.
@rmuxagirl (7560)
• United States
20 Jan 09
I haven't heard Betaville yet, but I will check it out and see how I can join it. I haven't been on helium in a while. I haven't made too much on it because I guess my articles aren't as good as they can be, but I will see what I can do to increase my earnings with them.