Do you think they should stop making prision break?

January 20, 2009 5:13pm CST
Apparently FOX entertainment will be stopping making prision break. Do you think they should stop making presion break or they should continue?
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• Philippines
21 Jan 09
prison break - breakin' out of prison
That's exactly what I said last night. Its getting very impossible that these guys are still alive after so many years of chasing and running away. Really, the story's getting boring. They should make this season their last or people will no longer watch them. They should come up with another thrilling and mind-boggling show like it but that one has to go.
22 Jan 09
Yeah I know the story line is getting completely irrelevent, but they can change the story so it flows.
@060157 (1060)
• Pakistan
1 Feb 09
ah, finally someone who has the same thought as me... i've always gotten replies that suggests that prison break is good for eternity. i just watched first couple of episodes of prison break season 4 and then quit it for good, the story and plots were insanely wrong and the same guys teaming up was way too corny.
22 Jan 09
i think they should have finished a long time ago. when i watched the first series i thought it was one of the best shows i had ever seen, but it all started to go downhill very quickly after that, especially in this latest series it is just getting rediculous
22 Jan 09
yeah the latest series is totally rediculous, if they did stick to the orginal it still would have been a good TV show
@matt4630 (27)
• Canada
3 Mar 09
The show is really reaching and I think it won't last much longer. I heard a romour that the show is ending after the next season. This sucks but it really wasn't a show that was to last forever...
@soller (21)
• Serbia
8 Feb 09
i think they should continu making it couse it awsome
@02karen (173)
• United States
3 Feb 09
Htechpro - In fact, of my opinion I really do think that they shouldn't stop making episodes of Prison Break. Why..well because its really interesting. I love the way how it started and then these men are trying to figure out everything to get their normal lives. You can't miss an episode its so interesting in which I love watching all the time even those I've seen many again. I love the characters they put in..everything and they started this whole show...they should continue and its one of my favorite shows!! Totally awesome!!
• Indonesia
24 Jan 09
Maybe they should stop making this film, i'm boring here. But This show is one of my favourite. I love gretchen shes hot.
@JanMags (725)
• Philippines
20 Jan 09
my father in law is addicted to this show and he thinks it should keep on going. i read an online review though that the story line is not so good anymore. it seems as if they have been making preposterous story lines for the sake of having a story to tell