For Survey Takers

@SweetTrix (1071)
United States
January 20, 2009 11:47pm CST
I created a survey about survey sites to find out which survey site is more popular and among certain groups. The results of this survey will be posted on my blog when the study has ended. If you could take the time to complete the short survey I would really appreciate it. I would like opinions from people who have been taking surveys for 10+ years to newbies who are just starting out. People from all countries are welcome to complete this survey. I have added a section in the survey where you can submit a quote to be posted on my blog if you wish. To complete the survey please copy and paste the following link: ( Anyway, I have been doing surveys for 3 years now and find some more enjoyable then others. My favorites are SurveySpot, Viewpoint Forum and Lightspeed, sometimes I add to my favorites when I get really good surveys from a particular survey site, or if they send awesome products to test. What do you think of survey sites in general? Have you been scammed by a "so called" survey site before". What are your opinions on survey sites where you have to pay to signup - if you have before, what site and what were the results? I have heard good and bad things from SurveyScout but never took the chance to sign up.
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