what should you do if you were me?

January 21, 2009 1:00am CST
I grown up in the commend of the around people,in my parents' eyes i am a good child ,and in the teachers and my classmates' eyes i am a good students.I was always proud of myself.However I didn't enter into a good university as all the people expected.Because of this,i was afraid to get in touch with my classmates and teachers,i avoided to let them know my situation these years.A friend told me we would have a classmates gathering next month,i don't konw if i should join them,i am really ashamed to talk about my situation in frond of them.so what should you do if you were me?
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@chetangb (14)
• United Arab Emirates
22 Jan 09
Hi, It seems like you were narrating my story to me. I am in the same scenario where everyone had extremely high expectations from me and I feel that I have not as yet lived up to them. This is how I handled it, I told myself 'Don't do different things, do things differently'. My approach to further studies in the University I managed to get into and in life, since then, has been to look at everything from a new perspective. I am working harder than ever before i.e. attending my University, helping my father with his business, attending the gym everyday without fail and also doing a part time job. That has brought back confidence within me. The solution is to tell yourself that you can be the best student and better than anyone else and things will start rolling in your mind. Trust me, it has worked amazingly with me when I was completely down and out. Take care
• Malta
21 Jan 09
If you keep on living for other people's expectations, I'm afraid that you will have more than a thing or two to be ashamed of. Just because it's impossible to keep up with what others wish you would do. Even though your parents', teachers' and friends' opinions might be very important to you, you have to realize that in the end it's you who decide your own expectations and no one else. If you chose to attend this university and are happy about it, other people should respect you and there's no reason to make you feel ashamed about it. Do you think that if you go to this reunion your friends would blame you or something? Because if they do I'm afriad they're not true friends at all. If your loved ones and other friends really care for you they would accept you just as you are with both the good and bad sides. After all nobody is perfect!
• United States
21 Jan 09
If they are truly your friends, they won't care where you went as long as you are happy. Go if you feel comfortable doing it and want to. But if you don't, don't worry about it.
@denise002 (444)
• Australia
21 Jan 09
go if u are interested in seein people u havnt seen in a while. but theres no point going if u r uncomfortable there. u shouldnt be ashamed just because u didnt do what people expected its for u to decide what u do with ur life not them