getting frustrated with my daughter

@mac_bb (156)
United States
January 21, 2009 2:11am CST
hi, i recently became a father dec. 11th and i love it and i love my daughter. but there are times she just cry's and cry's and it's hard not to let myself get frustrated, then after i get frusterated i feel guilty that i get frusterated with her.... HELP!!!!
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• India
22 Jan 09
This is just the beginning, believe me. A one month old child will cry, that is natural for her. You may of course take her to the paediatrician to see if there’s any problem with her, but I don’t think so. So babies are just a little more cranky than others and parents have to get used to it. There’s no way out, believe me. You can try the pacifier but once it become a habit, it would be difficult to get her off it.
@dodo19 (38699)
• Beaconsfield, Quebec
21 Jan 09
Congratulations! She's really adorable. It's normal for you to get frustrated. It happens. It happens that sometimes I get a little frustrated with my nieces. And they're my nieces, right! But right now, your daughter is too young to take of herself, and before you know it, she'll be all grown up and won't need help to take of her. They grow up so fast. Trust me, I haven't seen the last year of my nieces' lives go by. Just to give you an idea. Take advantage of the time you have with your daughter now. She is going to irritated you at times. But remember two things: 1. that it's normal, and 2. take deep breaths and relax.
@Bytemi (1553)
• United States
21 Jan 09
Hi Mac, Babies cry, I am sorry but for the first 3 months, they eat, sleep, cry and poop, that is about it. I know how frustrating this can be about a month after my daughter was born she start crying. I tried dancing with her, I tried singing to her, I tried feeding her, I tried changing her, I tried walking way from her nothing worked, she cried for 3 hours straight. Finally gave up, I picked up the phone while holding my new screaming baby and called my Dad. Then I started crying, I was an awful Mom that could not comfort my own baby. It was the worse feeling in the world. I put the phone on speaker and my Dad talked to her and she stopped crying. That made me feel even worse. Dad explained that babys can sense the feelings of their parents and if you get upset or frustrated, which is normal and nothing to feel bad about, they will know and respond in kind. Don't be hard on yourself. Being a new parent is hard and takes time to adjust, just breath and if you can't get her to stop crying, walk way. Put her down in her crib or a safe place and just walk away, she will stop. Just make sure she is feed and changed and doesn't need anything. Sometimes babies need alone time just like adults.
@rsa101 (22938)
• Philippines
21 Jan 09
First few months it would be like that. I guess for a first time father that is indeed frustrating and I do hope that you would be adjusted with it because it will be for sometime that it will be like that. Enjoy her time because that moment will only come once in a life of your daughter. If ever you get another one it will never be the same as the first time you experienced it. So enjoy and cherished it.