Can't read before response!!!!

Can't read before response - I can't read main discussion when I am going respond from my mail box.
January 21, 2009 3:20am CST
I don't what is process to read a dicussion before response to it. Actually when I am trying to respond from my mailbox respond link, This link take me direct to response page to the main discussion so I am missing the response already posted before me. Can anyone please help me about it? How to read before response? Thanks in advance for your kind help.
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• Malaysia
21 Jan 09
OK - after I surfed your uploaded photo, now I understood your technical operating system problem that you have had. While at your myLot discussion notification page on your email inbox, hover your computer insertion point on "respond to this discussion" text link and your sight on above the "Start" button. Observe the displayed discussion link. For example your discussion link in my email inbox is; If found the right one, meaning it should linked to the "post response" box, where you can type your response texts. If it doesn't, means you are having your browser problem. It is a common glitch when 'browsing history' and 'cookies' in or at full capacity of storage. Make those two (2) parts, cleared. Happy myLotting, MIH. Once done and still problem persists, go to my profile page, about half-length-scroll down, you will find a video 'metacafe' embedded just above my "comments from my friends" sortie - play it and just follow the video instruction given. You computer need to be sped up by 50% increase.
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• Bangladesh
22 Jan 09
Sorry to miss lead you, Actully I am missing the responses before my response. I think I should read before respond to any discussion. On a notification mail of the discussions started by friends contains only the link to respond the discussion but the notification of my discussion or comments contains view discussion or view response link. Am I wrong? So,I the help to read the responses to my friends discussions before my response.