Conservatvies Stand Strong Against the Obama Media Machine

United States
January 21, 2009 5:17am CST
The Repblicans and consevatives must stand strongs against the Obama Media Machine. The Conservatives and Republicans should not not jump on bandwagon and support President Obama socialist policies. The Calls for bipartianship by Democracts should fall on deaf ears because of the way the Liberal Media and blogs treated President Bush for eight years.
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@irisheyes (4372)
• United States
21 Jan 09
You certainly have a right to agree or disagree with any president's policies but to deliberately sabotage good legislature for the sake of evening some score is to harm of your own country. Your intentions and your patriotism are both suspect.
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@anniepa (27280)
• United States
26 Jan 09
His "Socialist" policies? Maybe you should ask the Socialist Party's Presidential candidate what he thinks about Obama's socialist policies. Anyway, if you think the score needs to be evened you must be forgetting about the way Clinton was treated for eight years. Annie
@xfahctor (14126)
• Lancaster, New Hampshire
21 Jan 09
I watched bloogers, the media and archair quarterbacks bas, insult, undermine, belittle, and attempt to thwart Bush for 8 years. I didn't matter what he did or said, there they were. It went so much deeper than simple ideoloical diferences and seemed to stem from the 2000 election results. It wasn't a matter of critisizing policy where it was warrented, but more attacking the person rather than the policy. It was unconditional non-supprt and many times, became personal. I refuse to stoop to the same level. I will not become the vicious, juvenile lout so many seem to become durring the last 8 years. I want nothing but success from this adminstration. It's success is America's success. He must succeed. I will encourage that which I see as a successful step rather than nit pick or insult simply for the sake of undermining a party I am not in agreament with. My first loyalty is to this republic and the constitution, the sacred contract which defines this nation, as is the obligation of everyone in this country, including and especialy the president. Uphold this ideal Mr. President, and I will support and cheer you loudly. Go against it, and I will critisize and call it out a thousand times louder.
@ParaTed2k (22980)
• Sheboygan, Wisconsin
21 Jan 09
I will not become one of the hatemongers who did nothing but trash Prs. Bush for 8 years. All they did was prove that hate and bigotry have found a home in the Democrat party and among Liberals. I know the incompetent press is going to play grinning ninny to him, and those who think Obama farts sunshine and pisses champaign will lap up every drop of swill they throw into the trough.. but that is their choice. I'll support him when he does things I can agree with and speak out against him when he does things I oppose. That is my right and my responsibility.
@dawon007 (184)
• India
21 Jan 09
Every coin has two sides. I support his peace efforts if there is any. But I don't think that he is an Angel. The thing that I don't like in his policy is his prepartion to kill those innocent children whose life was saved after an unsuccessfull abortion. If he say both peace and killing of innocents with the same mouth, I don't think that he is going to be a just ruler. He knew how to influenze the people through the media. That doesn't make him the good president. Also, I have noticed that what he tells today is not what he tells tomorrow. This was very evident in the Iraqi withdrawal issue and in the tax cut issue. But the sorry thing is that many who knew that what he said in the campaign as the solution to many problems are not apt, were his supporters. But they didn't oppose him but instead kept the silence whenever those things surfaced or even supported him openly on those issues. They are now saying that he should take a re-look into his plicies. These type of people include top economists to pro-life campaigners.