Do you have the habit of keeping diary?

January 21, 2009 6:10am CST
I don't since i had left school.But recently i started to write a brief daily diary because i join in a forum where can earn money from write and reply posts.I just record about my mood in the day or what i have done in the day,and so on.Just some boring sentences.I remembered that i used to write diarys most about what and how to learn.What about you?
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@diillu (5121)
21 Jan 09
I have the bahit of writing into diaries from my school times. I was in the boarding school so I started writing from that time as a place to escape my sadness or frustrations or to share something good. And since then I have been always doing this. I don't write diary for everyday but I usually write diaries when there are things that bother me or when there are things that I don't want to forget.