The Chinese Conception Gender Chart.....

January 21, 2009 1:56pm CST
Has anyone ever heard of the Chinese Conception Gender Chart? Apparently if you cross referenc the age at conception and the Month of Coneption you can determine if your having a boy or girl....
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22 Jan 09
Hi questionsnoanswers, I have never heard of that one, but if you put you wedding band with a tied with a piece of thread and swing of the stomach, depending which it swings it tell if it is boy or a girl. When my friend was pregnant I dreamt that she was having a little boy and the name was Francis, but she and eveybody else said it was going to be a girl, I was right I was a boy and she named him Fracis too. Now how in the world did I know that, I have never had a child so how do I know about things like that? Tamara
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@kwenge (2487)
• Kenya
29 Jan 09
Yes I have heard about it. I am trying to figure out the gender of my baby birth am getting different result from different charts from the many websites i search. others are even instructing us to add a 1 to the current age. I dont know which one to believe.